Why Families Fight Over Inheritance And What to Do About it

This item touches almost everyone, and most of us either know or fear conflict after a death in the family. But what is it that so often drives people to wage war against their own flesh and blood over a loved one’s estate?

This is the vexing question veteran estate planning and elder law attorney P. Mark Accettura sets out to answer in this thought-provoking and helpful book as he explains the psychology behind why people fight over estates and provides a comprehensive list of steps will makers, heirs, and their lawyers and advisors can take to prevent family-splitting inheritance disputes.

Blood & Money: Why Families Fight Over Inheritance and What To Do About It (ISBN 978-0-9669278-4-9, Collinwood Press, 283 pages) looks beyond the usual too-simple characterization of quarreling heirs as simply greedy or petty to provide a first-ever full explanation of what makes survivors so often dissolve into combat even while they are still joined in grieving.

To make his points about family inheritance fights, Accettura uses examples from the rich and famous and the troubles they have in dealing with wills, trusts, greed, relatives and inheritance.